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The Sailing Instrumental
Guest Tips
  • Please arrive on time.
  • Go to the bathroom at the clubhouse before
    boarding Instrumental.
  • Wear only boat/deck shoes, or white soled tennis shoes on the boat. Please, no black soles! No flip flops please.
  • Be careful of cell phones.They fall over easily.
  • Learn where all safety gear is.
  • Don't walk on hatchcovers or windows.
  • Please be careful when leaving and entering the dock.
  • If you have a history of motion sickness, please tell the captain
  • If you start to feel motion sickness, please let the captain know. He can flatten out the boat.

Use of the Boat Toilets:
Instrumental has three full bathrooms.
Marine toilet systems do not handle toilet paper or feminine products.
Please use brown paper bags of disposal of feminine products and toilet paper.
TO URINATE: Use bowl and use limited amount of boat toilet paper
and flush (button A or C).
FOR SOLID WASTE: Use bowl and flush (button A or C).
Use boat toilet paper (provided) or wipes (also provided in cabinet)
and place ALL used paper in brown paper bag,
seal and dipose of in standard trash. Thank you.